Pretty in Stereo

pretty in stereo

A great mix of the actual alternative rock scene with traces of the good rock of 80’s years is the main line that these girls band of the Southern California brings on their sound.

Pretty in Stereo that already got play hits in some American TVs programs, recently participated of a contest promoted by Motley Crue, being into top 30 bands out of 9,000 submissions, being invited to participate of a tribute Motley Crue album that will be recorded and released soon.

Their sound could be easly compared with bands as The Donnas. Your music have a great energy and do you want more.

In the beginnig of this year, they had a break for a while (what it would seems a great loss), but they reunited again at middle year and they´re working to record and release of a new album.

Who wants to hear their music can access MySpace ( or their official Home Page ( and also to know a little more about these girls that really know how they rock!