Faces Of March

faces of march

I really like so much when I find causality some new rock band.

Another day I was looking on Blip (http://blip.fm) to Van Halen song ‘Not Enough’ when I saw a song with the same name but played by an unknown band called ‘Faces of March’. Obviously that I decide hear it already that sometimes we could find good versions of a know song with a different arrangements. My mistake! It was a different song, but very interesting and of first line. Just I needed listen a second time to really like it.

I was immediately looking for a more information about it on web and I could have sure that they’re an amazing rock band on official band web page (http://facesofmarch.com) through of songs preview of their debut album “Confessions”.

With a great femme voice, the band sounds has trend of melodic modern rock with essence of hard rock that of my point of view make a differential in your songs.

‘Not enough’ it’s the typical song that you could listen several times without stay bored. Who wants could hear a few entire songs on MySpace. (http://www.myspace.com/facesofmarch)