VisionOnce a friend of mine knowing that I really liked Hard Rock bands like Vixen and KISS, sent me three songs singed by a girl of a band called VISION.

One of these songs was a version of KISS song ‘Lick it up’ and I could see that this band were very well.

Definitely these songs were into of my track list to listen on my MP3-Player.

But I didn’t know any other information about this band, until that I had some help with MySpace and I got find something more about it.

A great surprise for me was know that this band was Swedish and formed by 5 girls with an amazing Hard Rock visual from 80’s like Vixen and they had a same music style, that is a very good!

But it’s hard to listen a little more about these girls, because they use to leave just one song available for listening on MySpace ( (Actually VISION put in two more songs on MySpace – edited at set 16, 2009)

Recently they recorded a video clip of “Sleep when I´m dead” song (No, it’s not a Bon Jovi cover song) that could be watched on MySpace too.

I believe that they could be a great promise to new Hard Rock scene, but as with a many good bands come and go, you never know… I sincerely hope it does not disappear.