The Iron Maidens – Exclusive Interview

Close to come to Brazil, “The Iron Maidens” gave an Exclusive Interview to ROCK EXPRESS, talking about their expectations of the Brazilian public and their side projects.

by Edu Lawless

RockExpress – In Metal scene, it’s always harder to see bands formed only by girls. As you see the public of “The Iron Maidens”? Do you think more boys or girls compared to concerts of bands formed only for guys?

Courtney Cox

Kirsten: That’s true but fortunately it has gotten a lot better in recent years. Yes, there are more men than women at our shows but there are still a lot of women there who are into this music as much as the men. And it’s not uncommon now to find excellent female metal musicians.

Courtney: It is usually men that fill most of the crowds but I have seen the female attendance growing from show to show… The metal scene in general is the same way.

Wanda: Lately, it seems about equal which means more women are getting into this style of music! That’s a good thing!

Linda: It’s a mix of all ages, genders and classes of people in our audiences. The one thing we all have in common is the love of music, especially “Iron Maiden” in this case!

RockExpress – Some girls of “The Iron Maidens” had until recently side projects parallel to “The Iron Maidens”. How are these side projects?

Wanda Ortiz

Kirsten: We’ve still got our side projects that, for the most part, are secondary to “The Iron Maidens”. I’m in a couple of rock/metal cover bands that are fun and more casual, but “The Iron Maidens” is my priority.

Wanda: Some have disappeared, some have evolved, and some new projects have popped up. Aside from “The Iron Maidens”, I was playing in various orchestras and chamber groups in the Southern California area, mostly on upright bass. I’m still doing that.

Linda: The side projects are an absolute necessity if you are a workaholic like I am. Down time is not good time and needs to be filled in with side work!!!! It’s fun playing different styles of music too besides just Maiden. 😉

RockExpress – Three of the current girls of “The Iron Maidens” were part of “Phantom Blue Reunion” in 2009. Although the only original member of the band is Linda McDonald, do you think this may be beginning of a new work of “Phantom Blue”? * (“Phantom Blue” is a Female Rock Band created in the ending of 80’s)

Courtney: Ever since I joined the band I have been asking Linda about it… one day hopefully it will come true.

Wanda: It’s never been discussed as far as I know but you never know. Anything can happen. :)

Linda McDonald

Linda: There was a plan to do a reunion tour and new CD with most of the original members of “Phantom Blue” a couple of years ago, but, with the passing of Michelle Meldrum, that idea was put to rest. This tragic event of Michelle’s death was the reason for the reunion we did in 2009 (Michelle Meldrum Memorian) to help raise money for a trust for her son. It was great to play with Kim and Gigi (original members of “Phantom Blue”) again and the combo of these girls with the Maidens girls was just over the top. I’d love to do something like this again if it came together. I don’t think it would be called “Phantom Blue”, but you never know.


RockExpress – What do you expect the Brazilian public?

Kirsten Rosenberg

Kirsten: We know how much Brazilians love metal, especially “Iron Maiden”, so we expect Brazilian audiences to blow us away with their passion for the music!

Courtney: I expect some insane partying… I mean that is what I will be doing anyway! haha

Wanda: Since Maiden always goes over exceptionally well in Brazil, I imagine the people there will be very passionate about the music!

Linda: The most enthusiastic Maiden fans around seem to be in Brazil! I think the whole band can’t wait to experience this energy!!!! We’ve got a lot of energy to share with Brazil too!!!!

Finally, when asked about returning to Brazil with side projects, drummer Linda McDonald left a message for the Brazilian public.

Linda: I am open to it all! I am always open to playing with almost any band on a tour! I love playing drums for music fans anywhere!!! Sign up on our emailing list at for info on where we will be next with The Iron Maidens as well as our side projects!!! Cheers!!