TÝR – Exclusive Interview

Brazil will receive in late July over another international concert for the Metal audience: TÝR – band from Faroe Islands (part of Northern Europe) and one of the top names in the Folk Metal style in the world.

In a brief exclusive interview with Rock Express, the band’s vocalist Heri Joensen talked a bit more about the band, the controversial lyrics and about his recent participation in “70.000 Tons of Metal,” cruise event though the caribeean promoted by UMC with over than 40 Metal bands.

By Zeh Master

ROCK EXPRESS – How is the reception of your music on places where the nordic language is not spoken? Do you know people that decided to learn Faroese language or started to learn about Norse mythology?

PhotobucketHeri Joensen – Very few of our listeners have said that it was a problem that they didn’t understand the language. There are quite a few people who have started to learn Faeroese after hearing about our band, and I always find that fascinating. It’s a much more positive and creative response to the language issue than complaining to not understand it.

ROCK EXPRESS – Although your music is based on pagan’s rites and ideas, we can realize by the lyrics and “By the Light of the Northern Star” cover some ideas are against Christian dominion over Faroe’s Island and other Nordic countries. Have you had any negative or positive feedback about this position? Have you ran the risk of being banned in some countries?

HJ – Even though our lyrics often are very harshly anti-religious we’ve never had problems because of that, and I think that is because this view is shared by very many people in the Nordic countries.

ROCK EXPRESS – Some other bands with folkloric background tend to use not only traditional Heavy Metal instruments, but flutes, harmonicas, violin, bagpipes, etc. Do you have an intention in future releases explore more with those instruments? Did you learn to play them?

HJ – Funny you should ask. I learned to play the flute when I was a child. It was my first instrument and the flute classes in public school were compulsary. But we are inspired to a certain degree by Faeroese traditional music, and in Faeroes traditional music there are no folk instruments. Only singing. We have no intention of adding folk instruments to our line-up and we would like to keep our recognizable sound as it is.

ROCK EXPRESS – I was at 70,000 Tons of Metal, and it was amazing watching TÝR on a ship in the middle of the ocean. If it was colder and snowy, it could be the a perfect place for your shows. How was this experience? Does the stage is slippery and the ship shakes a bit? Do you believe those festivals will to be more frequent? And the more important: did you have fun?

HJ – The stage wasn’t slippery at all, and the rolling of the ship was very small so that gave us no problems. I have no doubt that the cruise festival concept will be a success, because it was by far the most convenient and luxurious festival I’ve been on. No wading around in mud, no disgusting toilets and very good food anytime you like all paid for in advance, and I certainly had fun, I can tell you that.

ROCK EXPRESS – By the lyrics, it is visible you have a big knowledge on mythology. Do you have plans to release written material about it? I’m asking it because Varg Vikernes told once he is writing his own mythology book, but it was never released.

HJ – I never thought about writing about mythology, but maybe that would be a good idea.


TÝR concerts in Brazil would be performed in Belo Horizonte/MG (July, 29), São Paulo/SP (July, 30) and Curitiba/PR (July, 31). More information: The Ultimate Press