Cruachan – Exclusive Interview

“Cruachan” come visit Brazil in October for the first time since its inauguration, bringing their heavily influenced Folk Metal from Ireland.

In an interview to ROCK EXPRESS with band’s leader and founder, Keith Fay tells us about the band, creation process and his expectations for Brazilian concerts.

By Zeh Master

ROCK EXPRESS – “Cruachan” began in 1995, where there weren’t much Folk bands around. How was the first impressions you received about this new Heavy Metal genre you helped rise?

PhotobucketKeith Fay – Well, I think it is great and I feel proud that we were the catalyst that started it all. Of course there were bands before “Cruachan” that had some folk music, Skyclad from England are probably the most important and were an influence to me, but no band done folk metal to our level, with real folk music and extreme metal combined. When we first started to play this people thought it was really strange, especially in Ireland. Folk music here is a very big cultural thing, it is heard everywhere so it was not really a “cool” thing to combine it with metal. It was outside Ireland where we were appreciated and where our fan bases became established.

ROCK EXPRESS – You use some folk instruments on studio that looks to be hard to be used live. How is the logistics to safely transport them? Do you often use samples?

KF – We never use samples but sometimes we do have to compromise on what instruments we play live. On some of our songs there are over 10 different folk instruments so it is impossible for us to recreate this. We try create the songs as close to the album versions as possible but we also want people to know that attending a “Cruachan” show, you will not hear CD perfect versions of the album – if you want that, have the CD playing in your headphones while watching ha-ha.

ROCK EXPRESS – The album releases takes no less than 2 years to be ready. How is the creation process?

KF – Well, we always have loads of fucked up personal shit happening in the band with our normal lives so our albums should be made quicker. We are hoping to solve this problem in the future. The process usually involves me (Keith) coming up with some parts, going to a studio and seeing what parts work together and what parts do not, coming up with a viable song, then writing the lyrics.

ROCK EXPRESS – “Minas Tirith” was one of the reasons you started with “Cruachan”, as you met the members who were on “Cruachan” first releases. Are there any plans on restarting “Minas Tirith” as a side project in the future?

KF – No, not at all. I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on “Cruachan” so starting some other project would be too difficult for me.

ROCK EXPRESS – How do you feel playing in Brazil? Have you ever been there? Do you believe you can find “Hy-Brasil”(*) on your visit?

KF – I am really looking forward to it. We have huge support there and have always wanted to repay this support by playing for our fans – now this is a reality for us so it is very exciting. One thing about “Cruachan” – we are just regular people and we enjoy meeting and talking to our fans so this will also be important to us, to meet and greet!!
Ha-ha – I think we have to wait once every seven years to find Hy-Brasil(*) so we will see!!!

“Cruachan” concerts in Brazil would be performed in Curitiba – Blood Rock Bar (Oct 11) and São Paulo – Blackmore Rock Bar (Oct 12). More information: The Ultimate Press.

(*)Hy-Brasil is part of Irish mythology that says beyond seas there is an island that can be been only seen once in 7 years, being invisible during the rest of the time. It says it was a paradise, with trees, fruits and animals, without men’s hand to destroy it. When America was discovered, some people thought it could be about this so called Irish mythology island, and Brazil was informally called that way at first, then was officially called as Brasil.

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