True heavy metal, very well done and with a powerful singer. That’s how we can define the PASTORE’s debut album, from São Paulo, Brazil, led by one of the biggest singers in the Brazilian heavy metal scene, Mario Pastore (ex-member from bands ‘Delpht’, ‘Sacred Sinner’ and ‘Acid Storm’, moreover he was one of the main singers in the project ‘Soulspell Metal Opera’).

With the title of “The Price for the Human Sins”, the album was released in Brazil in September/2010 independently, but soon it started to be distributed in Japan and recently in the United States and Canada by Nightmare Record, proving that such good music can easily overcome border barriers.

The album has 12 tracks of an honest heavy metal, strong, direct and with a lot of creativity with catchy choruses and lyrics that deserves attention. Special attention for the songs ‘The Price For The Human Sins’, ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Far Away’ andKeep The Flame Alive’, not forgetting to mention the excellent ballad ‘Horizons’.


Mario Pastore

The Japanese version (as usual in the Japanese market) includes the bonus track ‘Out of Control’, which we had the opportunity to see the performed live at Blackmore Rock Bar (São Paulo/Brazil) last July 29th. This show was marked also by the presence of Evergrey’s band members and, by the few words we could have with them, they were astonished with the power and the vocal quality from Mario Pastore.

The band is also formed by: Raphael Gazal (guitar), Fabio Buitvidas (drums) and Aléxis Gallucci (bass). The band is currently working to promote the album, playing concerts around the country and broadcasting their new video clip – Far Away – which you can watch right below.

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Last but not least, the band has already started working on their next album which is awaited for all the fans!

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By João Paulo Mota - ROCK EXPRESS