Oceans of Night – Domain

Oceans of Night is a band led by the musician Scott Mosher with the singer Scott Oliva. The pair’s debut album, The Shadowheart Mirror, was released in June of 2009 and the latest album, Domain, in October of 2011 which was produced by Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint, Engine).


In both albums, Scott is the responsible for guitars, bass and keyboards while Oliva is responsible for all the voices. According to their official website,  the Domain album had the participation of a “mysterious” drummer named  Alan Smithee, but  those who are familiar with cinema’s history know that this nickname was used until 2000’s by film directors that wanted to disown a project. In other words, the electronic drum has got a name in this album.


The CD presents 10 tracks of a very well executed progressive hard/heavy metal, with such an excellent graphical and sound production that it’s worth to check out, achieving the band’s proposal: to transport the listener into an ambient and musical experience. I’d like to highlight the opening track, Domain, which during its almost 18 minutes, shows a great mix of rhythmic parts, beautiful vocal interpretations, outstanding solos and a terrific ending.



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Oceans of Night – Domain

1. Domain (17:39)

2. Don’t Look To Me (5:10)

3. Dreams in Artificial Sunlight (5:28)

4. So Near Yet So Far (3:32)

5. Divisions of Time (5:17)

6. Seven Days of Rain (6:12)

7. The View To You (8:28)

8. Instruments of Fear (4:14)

9. The Future Remembered (4:20)

10. Ghosts of the Past (4:25)


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