Share Ross will be in our next WebTV

DSC_0233 During our passage by the United States, ROCK EXPRESS had the opportunity to do an interview with SHARE ROSS the original bass player of female Hard Rock band VIXEN.

She told us a little about all their projects throughout his career, since the first Hard Rock super band from 90s – CONTRABAND – – to which she was part, even more about BUBBLE and his new band LOVESTAIN, passing by the unusual book that she published about knit.

Share told us too about the possible (or not) new meeting of the old formation of VIXEN, and played some songs of all his projects, including singing a song by Vixen. Below a small teaser of what’s to come …

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Rock%20Express%20WebTV%20#8″ width=”450″]

Stay tunned in our next WebTV! Will be amazing!!

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