Keel in the Monsters of Rock Cruise

Another great Hard Rock band from 80’s and 90’s that created great expectation to audience at Monsters of Rock Cruise was KEEL, featuring most of the original lineup: Ron Keel (vocals and guitar) Marc Ferrari (guitar), Brian Jay (guitar) Dwain Miller (drums) and the only one who was not in the original lineup but is already longstanding band member Geno Arce (bass).

DSC_0442 And the band really seemed to have come on board with fire. On the first day of the event, the band played in one of the Lounges of the ship, taking the fans to delirium playing great classics from the past. The band interaction to the audience was to bigger than expected and we could see the happiness stamped in Ron’s face all the time.

Although the first show has been fantastic, we can say that it was just a warm-up for what the band reserved for the third and final day of the festival.

On the third day on the Pool Stage with more freedom as they ha more physical space, the band really came out kicking ass.

For me it was the true big final show at Monsters of Rock Cruise! Ron Keel and all the guys of band were really unbelievable. Running from side to side all the time, suddenly Ron came to slip, falling in a domino effect and coming really close to topple Geno Arce too! But the Gods of Rock wanted a big party celebration without tragedies, so nobody rolled stage down and the show continued with lots of laughs and jokes about what happen (photo from the scene in Photo Gallery).

DSC_0671Near of the end of the show before start “The Right to Rock“, Ron thanked the audience the chance to be there and experiencing what that event represented not only to the audience, but to all musicians who were there and invited several of them to step on stage and sing as a big family the song that took Keel to success: Jaime St. James (Black’n’ Blue), Brian Vollmer (Helix), Kyle Kruger (Hair I Go Again) and Oz Fox (Stryper) who joked around the whole time playing Air Guitar alongside Marc Ferrari. It was something really fabulous and historic to Rock and to everyone who was ot the Pool Stage at that time.

After this amazing show, the band also attended all fans right next to the stage where we saw Ron Keel wearing ROCK EXPRESS t-shirt. It’s was unbelievable!

DSC_0268Set List

Come Hell or High Water

Somebody´s Waiting

Speed Demon

Push and Pull

Streets of Rock´n´Roll

Because de Night

Here Today

Rock´n´Roll Outlaw

Looking for a Good Time

Tears of Fire

Right to Rock

You´re the Victim (I´m the Crime)

KEEL – Photo Gallery

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