Night Ranger in the Monsters of Rock Cruise

The guys of NIGHT RANGER were like ninjas in the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Different from all other musicians that made part of the event, they were the only ones that had been absent from all the common areas of the ship, focused exclusively on the shows.

DSC_0546If they wanted it, they got it! Jack Blades, wearing a pirate hat, was on fire and sang well during the entire concert, splitting the vocals with drummer Kelly Keagy.

They started kicking some asses with “Lay it on me“. Being really funny and charismatic, Blades made several jokes with the audience and about the ship’s balance, which was really strong by the time of the band was playing on the second cruise day.
Brad Gillis also kicked some ass with his guitar solos and made the audience crazy – justice be done, Brad was the only one that showed up on the cruise’s ending party, being very accessible to anyone who came to talk to him.
The big surprise of the set list was the inclusion of two Damn Yankees classics, named ”Coming of Age” and “High Enough”, band that Blades had with Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Ted Nugent. Jack also made some jokes about inviting Ted to join them on the ship, but he preferred to go hunting than step in a ship.

The encore on the second day was with “Sister Christian” and “Rock in America“.

DSC_0126Set List 2nd day

Lay it on Me

Sing me Away


Coming of Age

Secret of my Success

Sentimental Street


High Enough

4 AM

When You Close Your Eyes

Don´t Tell me You Love me

Sister Christian

Rock in America

In the 3rd. and last day of cruise, Night Ranger was on main theater stage again, but this time for an acoustic show. On that day the band didn’t allowed the audience who have paid for band’s backstage exclusive pass to enter during the sound check, which made some people sad.

DSC_0199Fortunately on stage it was different. The band seemed to be happy as by each song played a funny story was told by Blades, making the audience laugh out loud. After the show Brad spoke with ROCK EXPRESS and said that the band’s idea was to make the audience enjoy the show, and it worked better than expected.

One of Jack’s stories was about Brad’s adventures in California before “LA no Name“, and also about a religious woman who asked them if “Sister Christian” was a song about nuns, “YES MADAM” was the answer. Really amazing!

About the songs, even unplugged you can feel the electricity in the air… Brad and Jack even in their stools couldn’t keep stooped for a while.

DSC_0184Set List 3rd day (acoustic)

When You Close Your Eyes

Growing up in CA

High Enough

LA no Name


Don´t Tell me You Love me

Sister Christian

Rock in America

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