Black’n’Blue at Monster’s of Rock Cruise

BLACK’N’BLUE came to the Monsters of Rock Cruise with almost all of their original members. The only change was the guitarist Shawn Sonnenschein, as the founder and original player, Tommy Thayer is currently on KISS, since he got the position of Ace Frehley.
The singer Jaime St. James seamed to be back to the good old days of the glamour of Hard Rock with great presence on stage and sharp vocals.

The band’s first performance was also one of the first in the cruise and it took place on one of the inside lounges of the ship. As it was the beginning the audience  was a bit shy an well behaved, simply enjoying great classics of the band, like “Nasty, Nasty”, “Miss Mysery” and  “Hold on to 18”.
The band got back on stage on the third and last day of the cruise, now playing at the pool’s main stage. They performed the same set list, but now with a lot more energy, probably for having already broken the ice of the first day


Set List:


Chains Around Heaven



Nasty, Nasty

Heat it up, Burn it out

Does She or Doesn´t She

Live it up

Miss Mysery

Kiss of Death


Wicked Bitch

Hold on to 18

I´m the King

Violent Kid


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English version by Ju Gêbra Mota

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