Sodom, Red Front, Machinage in São Paulo

With their last visit in 2008, the German guys from SODOM came back to Brazil for the “In War and Pieces” album tour, which is also considered as their 30th anniversary commemoration. To kick off the party we had 2 great Brazilian metal bands, named Machinage and Red Front, which brought more Thrash for this special date.

By Zeh Master / Photos Edu Lawless

DSC_0659The first band to show up was Machinage, around 17h30. Besides the responsibility to open the night for some old school guys as SODOM, they were also releasing their debut “It Makes Us Hate“. The responsibility meant a really good performance that made the crowd crazy during their presentation. During the sing “Next Victim” Antonio Araújo, guitars at Korzus, was invited to play with them. As stated, their presentation was amazing but too short – only 30 minutes.

Machinage Setlist
Revolution / Envy
Is This The Way?
Mask Behind Some Lies
Next Victim (special guest Antônio Araújo – Korzus)
Tides of War

Galeria de Fotos Machinage

Next in line were the angry guys of Red Front. They were finalists at last year Brazilian’s Wacken Metal Battle, so people couldn’t expect less than a massacre on stage. They play a really strong and fast Thrash Metal, aggressive to the ears. They had a comic moment, where they asked the crowd to help ’em destroy a “emo” doll while playing the song “Killer“, sounds fair? After the shows we could notice some doll’s parts spread all over the floor: SUCCESS!

DSC_0784At the end of the presentation they asked people to form a “Wall of Death“, much similar to what Exodus does, but their guitarist Oscar came downstage to arrange the wall and play the song in the middle of that mess. Why not? By the end of those 2 great bands, we were ready for the headliner.

Setlist Red Front
Institution is Down
Just a Game
Devil’s son
Territory (cover Sepultura)
Killer (com o boneco Restart)
Circle of Hate

Galeria de Fotos Red Front

Last, but not least, SODOM!!! Their Heavy Metal was older than most of the guys who came to watch the show, showing that the old man are still rocking. With the songs that spead over the years, they played the classics and some songs from their last album, “In War and Pieces“. “Ok, but this CD is from 2010” you may say, but they didn’t come ever since, so you can consider as part of their tour. Well, who cares?? Let’s THRASH!

Among with their classic tunes, they’ve also played two cover songs: “Surfin’ Bird” from Trashman, as seen on “M-16“ album, and “Iron Fist” from Motörhead from their 1987 “Persecution Mania” album. By the end of the event you can only see the happy faces of those who drink the pure Thrash Metal. The only bad part was the length of the show, it didn’t covered all songs they are playing on the tour. But it worth!

DSC_0938Setlist Sodom
In War and Pieces
Sodomy and Lust
Outbreak of Evil
The Bird is The Word – Trashman cover
The Saw Is the Law
Iron Fist – Motörhead Cover
The Vice of Killing
The Art of Killing Poetry
City of God
Eat Me!
Agent Orange

Remember the Fallen

Galeria de Fotos Sodom

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