Tesla at Monsters of Rock Cruise

TESLA made two performances on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. The first took place on the stage by the pool in the afternoon the ship set sail, but we couldn’t see the show because of a schedule coincidence.
Their second performance was in the main theater and this time the band had prepared an acoustic set we could watch pretty close.


Lead singer Jeff Keith was in great shape and even more excited for having his family and months-old son near by. By the way, whomever wanted to find Keith any time of the day should just go to the pool, he’d be there playing with his boy and always glad to chat, sign autographs or take picture with fans.
Keith’s joy could be clearly reflected on stage where the band played their lifetime classics. They let the fans really happy to see their great performance.


Set List Acoustic Show

Comin´ Atcha Live – Truckin

Hang Tough

Thank you

2nd Street

Better off without You

I Love You

Modern Day Cowboy


Love Song

What you Give


English version by Ju Gêbra Mota

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