KIX at Ft. Lauderdale

The Exit 66 club was the chosen place to start the big party that would be the Monsters of Rock Cruise, in Fort Lauderdale at Florida.

By Edu Lawless & Dani Gunther


And the party could not have been a better warm-up to what was about to happen during the 3 following days inside the ship. It was like the big old 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock parties revived in American territory.


Besides the fans who had bought the tickets to Monsters until a specific date, there were with us some musicians from bands that would be in the Cruise interacting with the crowd, like John Corabi, Jeff LaBar, the guys from Odin and for our surprise, all the members from Keel.



The band that opened the night was Atomik Punks, a Van Halen tribute band that performed very well and rocked the crowd, playing the main hits from the Dave Lee Roth fase.


The party was so exciting that, at the same time the band was playing, in a stage with 2 Pole Dances, located inside the bar, two beautiful girls were dancing sensually. Perfect scene for a Hard party, just like said my friend Edu Rox.


As soon as the Atomik’s show ended, the stage started to be prepared to receive the night’s main attraction that also would be in the ship, KIX!


It didn’t take long for the band to come to stage and start rocking’ the crowd. Playing its big hits from the past, led by the vocals of Steve Whiteman and almost its 80’s original lineup: Brian Forsythe and Ronnie Younkins (guitars) and Jimmy Chalfant (drums) and, in the bass, the only one who wasn’t in the band in the 80’s, Mark Shenker, who joined the band in 2003.


Special mention to the famous ballad “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, a song the crowd sang high and another classic, “Blow My Fuse”. Before “Girl Money”, Steve played with the girls in front of the stage letting them put some dollars inside his pants.


It was clear the anxiety not only from the crowd, but also from the band, to what was about to happen in the next days inside the Monsters of Rock Cruise.


DSC_0512Set List

Hot Wire


The Itch

Same Jane

Red Lite, White Lite, TNT

Cold Shower

Cold Blood

Don´t Close your Eyes

NoRing around Rosie

Lie Like a Rug

Girl Money

Blow my Fuse

Midnight Dynamite

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


After the show the crowd stayed talking with each other, making friends and eating barbecue (American burger, obviously) in the club’s pool area, which was pretty interesting since everyone would be in the boat in the next day.

Pre Party Photo Gallery with Atomik Punks & KIX


English version by Ju Gebra Mota

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