Apocalyptica – Exclusive Interview with Eicca Toppinen

On June 2nd and 3rd, Apocalyptica will be in São Paulo for the second time, first as a headliner, for two memorable concerts. It was announced for one night only, but the high demand for tickets made a second date necessary.


While we wait for the day, we interviewed Eicca Toppinen, founder of Apocalyptica. Check it down here!

By Zeh Master


Rock Express – On June 2012 it celebrates the anniversary of 16 years for your first album, “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos”. Along all those years, how do you think you’ve influenced people listening to classical music or musicians starting playing cello?

Eicca Toppinen – It is hard to say how much we have influenced people but what we have experienced Plays Metallica by Four Cellos opened Metallica’s music to tons of classical listeners. Even classical radios were playing songs like “The Unforgiven” and “Nothing Else Matters” among classical music. When the compositions were taken out of their regular sound, classical fans who didn’t like drums or powerful singing were able to find the beauty of metal. Other way around metal audience realized that playing classical instrument doesn’t make you a nerdie.


RE – How was sharing the stage with Metallica last year, during their 30th anniversary?

ET – That was one of the biggest compliments we’ve ever got. The fact that Metallica invited only acts they felt were influencial for their own carrier, -being one of them- was just beyond cool. The whole day in Frisco it self was just pure fun and very enjoyable.


RE – The list of guest appearences on your albums are quite impressive, having Dave Lombardo as almost a band member. How does this happens, you invite them or they come to you asking to play together?

ET – We mainly invite other artists but many time it is more like a “concensus” that both we want to do something together. Every collaboration has different history.


RE – This is the second visit to Brazil, where you opened for Megadeth on 2005. How’s the feeling about headlining in Brazil for the first time?

ET – it feels great and we are really looking forward to it. Last time many hardcore Megadeth fans were there just to see them and didn’t give a shit on us even the show was great and audience was brilliant as well. This time when we come as headliners we will be able to offer brazilian fans the full-blast Apocalyptica show and it will be definitely night to remember.


RE – Talking about Brazil, what do you know about our local musicians? Not only Metal, but also classical.

ET – Heitor Villa-Lobos ofcourse, he is like a grandfather of cello-groups with his Bachianas Brasileiras. I have performed number 1 and 5 for several times.


RE – I remember reading an interview where your teacher didn’t approve playing cellos the way you do. Did he changed his mind? Also, do you keep studing music?

ET – My personal teacher always appreciated Apocalyptica and still does but some of other teachers were kinda against us but mainly has changed their minds… Even been inviting us to play classical festivals they are running.


RE – The last album, 7th Symphony, sounds more balanced between heavier and calmer songs. Does it show a new perspective of Apocalytica songs, and the way the new album (8th symphony, maybe?) will sound?

ET – At the moment there are no plans for the next album and therefore it is impossible to say how it is going to be… somehow we enjoyed a lot the more epic and progressive stuff on the latest album, maybe that could be one direction to go deeper.



Want to go to the show? So remember, June 2nd and 3rd in São Paulo. More information, please check Dark Dimensions website on http://www.darkdimensions.com.br


Thanks to Costábile Salzano Jr. – The Ultimate Press

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