Michael Monroe in São Paulo – May,25

The traditional GlamNation party, which happens at the Inferno Club in São Paulo, was responsible once again for bringing another Glam Metal legend from the 80’s. This time, teamed up with Dark Dimensions, a production company, they brought to stage the icon Michael Monroe, who is better known as the voice of Hanoi Rocks.


English version by Ju Gêbra Mota


The opening of the gates, which was scheduled for 10pm, was largely delayed due to some problems caused by Fire Storm, the opening band. For that matter Fire Storm had their performance cancelled.



Without and opening performance and really late, Michael’s band got on stage at about 1am under a drumming sound in a reference to Brazil’s carnival but it soon gave room to the guitars of Hard Rock and the great performance of Monroe, with a saxophone hanging on his neck.


The first song was “Trick of the Wrist” followed by “Got Blood”
 and “Modern Day Miracle”, all from his latest solo “Sensory Overdrive” (2011). After a great beginning and with a lot of energy onstage Michael took the crowd back to the old times Hanoi with “Motorvatin’”.


The hour-and-a-half show was a tour through Michael’s career and former bands, and he showed the Brazilian audience for the first time that, in spite of being almost 50 years old, he is in great shape. He seemed very excited with the Brazilian fans and was very charismatic and interacted a lot with the crowd. He even stood up many times on the DJ’s counter, which had never been seen there.


Monroe, who seemed to be in private fight with his microphone stand because of all the tricks he was doing, also played songs from his project after Hanoi – Demolition 23 – and two covers – “I Wanna Be Loved” (Johnny Thunders) and “1970 (I Feel Alright)” (The Stooges) – the latter closing the encore right after another classic of Hanoi – “Taxi Driver”.


Despite not selling out what could be seen was an audience of Hard Rock fans very excited to see this legend perform live and so close.


Set List

DSC_08961- Trick of the Wrist

2- Got Blood

3- Modern Day Miracle

4- Motorvatin’ – Hanoi Rocks

5- Hammersmith Palais – Demolition 23

6- ’78

7- All You Need

8- Nothin’s Alright – Demolition 23

9- Not Fakin’ It

10- Superpowered Superfly

11- Bombs Away

12- I Wanna Be Loved – Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers

13- Mystery City

14- Malibu Beach Nightmare – Hanoi Rocks

15- Dead, Jail or Rock ‘n’ Roll


16- Taxi Driver – Hanoi Rocks

17- 1970 (I Feel Alright) – The Stooges


Photos Gallery of Michael Monroe in Sao Paulo



Thanks to Dark Dimensions and Costábile Salzano Jr. – The Ultimate Music – Press

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