Restless Mind

The Finish band Restless Mind was formed in the end of 2012 when the singer Oona Ylönen and the drummer Anna Järveläine joined the guitarists Santeri Turkulainen and Eemeli Malinen soon after the and was complete with the arrival of the bassist Mika Päivinen.


English version by Ju Gêbra Mota


Under the most different influences of Metal, from current trends to classics, the band plays a modern Hard Rock without losing strong traditions of pure old-time Hard.


Last April the band released their first single “Out of Here”, but already has other songs which might be released throughout the year, as they intend to return to the studio next August.


In May, Eemeli the guitarist left the band and currently they are looking for a new one.


According to the spokesperson and founder of the band, the singer Oona, here is a brief description of the members: the guitar of Santeri has a balance of influences of Hard and Blues. Anna, in her drumsticks and double bass, seeks precision in her varied hits that sometimes may sound a little unusual. The bassist Mika carries the most classical influences in the band, while Oona herself brings to stage the essence of the Hard of the 80s with great influence of her idols, among them Axl Rose and their Finish fellow countryman Michael Monroe.


It’s worth keeping an eye on this new band that is coming up in the Hard Rock scene.


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