The american band of Melodic Extreme Metal – Sorrowseed, from the state of Massachusetts, was a great surprise for the New England region, whose public weren’t accustomed with such extreme bands on that area.

Created in 2008 by Morte McAdaver and Phantom Cyr, Sorrowseed has forged an interesting musical proposal, mixing elements ranging from Gothic, Doom to Black and Death Metal. Their influences include Opeth, Amorphis, Theatre of Tragedy, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, GWAR, Emperor, Type O Negative and Suffocation.

The band dissolved in 2011 and initiated a new phase early in 2012, having in its lineup some old and new members: vocalist Lilith Astaroth, guitarrists Morte McAdaver and Shadow Khayoss, tecladist Phantom Cyr, Asmodal in the bass and Prometheus B. Subrick in the drums.

At this moment, they are composing new material while promoting their debut album, “The Extinction Prophecies”, which shows great sense of personality for delivering a 2CD album right away!

Fans of Angela Gossow and Dani Filth will like to know the vocal works of Lilith Astaroth, who seemingly sings between mighty growls and sharp screams which bears desperation.


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By Klemer Santiago


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