Shadowside, Salário Minimo and Comand6 in Santos, SP- Brazil, July 13

The evening of the International Day of Rock was filled with many concerts. Among those, ROCK EXPRESS once again went to the coast to check up personally the premier of Shadowside’s new Tour, that hit the road this month.


By Daniela Gunther and Edu Lawless / Photos Edu Lawless
English version by Ju Gêbra Mota


The event to celebrate this date was held by the Department of Culture and the Order of Headbangers of and took place at Guarany Theater, downtown Santos. It blended varied styles: from traditional eighties Rock´n´Roll to Heavy Metal and Hardcore.


The first band up on stage was Command6, led by Wash Rufino on vocals, with Bruno Luiz and Atilio Negri on the guitars, Bugas Marcondes on the drums and Johnny Hass on bass guitar. They started warming up the audience playing their aggressive Hardcore just as people arrived at the Theater, in a rather unusual scene for Brazilian Metal concerts: people sitting calmly on theater’s seats. But as the band played their hits the crowd stood up to rock.



We could see the band favored harmony and melody a noticeable difference from the very aggressive style the band carries on their traditional underground scene. It was undoubtedly a great concert.


Setlist Command6

1. Logic or Non Sense

2. Bleed the Cure

3. Ace in the Hole

4. So Cold

5. Brand New Day

6. Dawn of a Man

7. Hungover

8. War of Words

9. Jesus Cry


Salário Mínimo, from São Paulo, came up next on stage playing Brazilian Rock’n’Roll strongly influenced by the 80’s Hard’n’Heavy. It was clear they had their faithful old-time fans that came just to support the band.




Their lineup was: lead singer China Lee, guitarist and founder Junior Muzzili, both since their beginning in 77. Plus great and technical musicians who were added to the band: Diego Lessa on bass guitar,  Daniel Beretta on the guitar and Marcelo Campos on drums, the latter is also known for his performance with the band Trayce.



On stage they could show the ´Old School´ is still very much loved by Metal audienceand they really rocked the Theater with their hits both ond and new. Such charisma urged the crowd to shout for more and they played ”Delírio Estrelar” again plus “Doce Vingança”.


Setlist Salário Mínimo

1. Eu não quero querer mais

2. Beijo Fatal

3. Delírio Estrelar

4. Sofrer

5. Anjos da Escuridão

6. Dama da Noite

7. Noite do Rock

8. Sociedade Alternativa (Raul Seixas Cover)

9. Cabeça Metal

10. Jogos de Guerra


11. Delírio Estrelar

12. Doce Vingança


And finally, Shadowside, the highly awaited headliner of the night, came on stage to add a Grand Finale to the celebration of this International Day of Rock. Just as expected, the tickets were reported to sell out by their press agent.


And the kick off their tour could not have a better venue than their hometown. Having many fans and friend there, the band, which is led by the powerful vocals of Dani Nolden, had Raphael Mattos on guitar and Fábio Buitividas on drums. They brought a surprise: their newest member the bassist Fábio Carito that stepped in to replace Ricardo Piccoli who recently moved to Italy.


After a short electronic intro they went on stage singing “I’m Your Mind” from their acclaimed album “Inner Monsters Out” (the base of their setlist, as expected). They also performed some of their classics like “Highlight”, “Red Storm” and “Memories”.


Raphael Mattos showed great skills on the guitar, especially on his solos while Fábio Buitvidas showed a fluid but strong style worth of master. The newcomer Fábio Carito proved why he is there as he delivered a great performance and showed a great interaction with the other members.


Dani Nolden was as charismatic as always and her vocals reached perfection, proving worth the notoriety their latest album achieved both Nationally and Internationally.


They also performed two cover songs: Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” and “Inútil” from Brazilian band Ultrage a Rigor. This is a bonus track in the Brazilian version of “Inner Monster Out”. And to close the night the highly anticipated “Angel With Horns”!


Now they continue their tour in the countryside of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. There are the headliners of Araraquara Rock Fest.


The audience from São Paulo who could not drive to the coast to see this performance will have another opportunity as Shadowside opens for The Agonist next Saturday at Carioca Club. 


DSC_0758Setlist Shadowside

1. I´m Your Mind

2. A.D.D.

3. Highlight

4. In The Night

5. My Disrupted Reality

6. Red Storm

7. Hideaway

8. Gag Order

9. Habichtual

10. Memories

11. Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover)

12. In The Name of Love

13. A Smile Upon Death

14. Inner Monster out

15. Inútil (Ultraje a Rigor Cover)

16. Waste of Life

17. Angel With Horns



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