Hair I Go Again bringing back the Hard Rock from 80´s

PhotobucketIn the 80´s two friends dreamed with fame and success of the Hard Rock scene, but it didn´t happen. Nowadays, almost three decades after, they resolve get something that they lost in that time with a documentary production that brings back great idols and memorable histories. We had the opportunity to talk with both producers and friends – Steve and Kyle Kruger – that told us a little more about “Hair I Go Again”.


By Edu Lawless


Rock ExpressHAIR I GO AGAIN” it´s a kind of a documentary, but a humorous story too about the Hard Rock scene. Tell us a little more about this project. When and why do you have this idea?

Steve McClureThe film is 100% a documentary.  The story is real, that’s for sure.  Humorous at times, yes, but it’s a quest that we believe in and are striving to achieve.  The music from that era has never left us, really.  It’s a huge part of our lives and deserves to be heard, even more so today.  Parallel with that, both Kyle and I still have some unfinished business from the 1980s.  So, the film is about us trying to reform our old band to see if we’ve still “got it”, as well as pay homage to the music we love.  How it will end is anybody’s guess.

Kyle KrugerWell for me, it goes a bit deeper than just the music. As someone approaching his mid-40’s, I find myself sort of reviewing – then checking off – the things I’ve accomplished in my life. But more importantly, I find myself focusing on the things I set out to do, but for whatever reason came up short. I think this is common among people who reach our stage in life. Some might call it a “mid-life crisis” I just call it taking inventory. In any event I believe this is a universal theme that many viewers can relate to, regardless of whether or not they’re fans of this era of music. Of course as in life, there will be some funny moments, but our story will definitely have a heart.

Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure: Yesterday & Today


Rock Express You have interviewed many legends of Hard´n´Heavy bands. How many until now? What was the great achievement to you?

Steve McClureWe’ve shot a lot of interviews so far.  It’s kind of surprising, actually, since we’ve had to pay for everything ourselves up to this point.  I think we’ve talked to about 20 or so musicians from the era, including members of Quiet Riot, Warrant, Dokken, Savatage, Y&T, Faster Pussycat, Stryper, Firehouse, Dangerous Toys and more.

They’ve all been great, but I think the most exciting interview for me has been Jason Bieler from Saigon Kick.  They are one of my all-time favorite bands and we’ve been stalking all of them for quite some time, in hopes one of the members would grant us an interview.   Thankfully, Jason agreed.

Kyle KrugerMy greatest moment was being called up on stage by Ron Keel on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Sharing the stage with the likes of Jaime St. James, Brian Vollmer of Helix, Oz Fox of Stryper and of course the entire KEEL band, was so surreal. Even greater, are the friendships we have forged during this whole process. In fact, I went to a baseball game with Ron Keel and his wife!

Ron Keel (Keel), Steve McClure, Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat, Sin City Sinners), Kyle Kruger and Oz Fox (Stryper)


Rock ExpressI think that you had many funny stories with these bands along of the interviews. Tell us one of them.

Steve McClureWell, there are two sides to this question:  funny stories about us interviewing the bands and funny stories that the bands have shared with us.  On our side, we spent $100 getting lost in a cab, as we drove from the Monsters of Rock cruise port to Jason Bieler’s studio in Florida, only to arrive 2 hours early with twenty pieces of luggage on hand.  He jokingly asked us if we were moving in.

As far as band stories, Dave Meniketti shared one involving a toilet emergency, but you’ll have to wait and see the film for that one.

Kyle KrugerOur interview with Jaime St. James of Black N Blue, was a riot. That is one funny dude!


Rock ExpressDo you have some special band that you are looking for interview, but you didn´t get yet? What are the great idols that you want to interview to “Hair I Go Again”?

Steve McClureFor me, there are two:  Motley Crue and Iron Maiden.  Those are two iconic bands that had a huge influence on my adolescent years.  Plus, I want to show Bruce Dickenson my high school yearbook, where I fooled the staff and had my picture taken, using his name.

Kyle KrugerI’d agree with Steve, and say Motley Crue. Nikki Sixx in particular, is someone I have always wanted to meet. Also, David Coverdale of Whitesnake.


Rock ExpressWe can see a kind of reborn of Hard Rock scene, with many bands reunited again, festivals as Monsters of Rock Cruise, and now Hollywood brings to the big screen the Broadway Show “Rock of Ages”. What do you think about this?

Steve McClure – I think it shows just how popular that music still is today.  There is a demand for it that now crosses generations.  We’re doing our best to keep that music alive by making this film.

Kyle KrugerThis music never really went away, it has always been there and is just now re-generating back to the top of a 20 year cycle.

In general, today’s music scene is an aberration and I believe people are looking for something that is fun, genuine and has some skill level to it. I saw Rock of Ages live and it was a very good show. I thought the portrayals were a bit stereotypical and somewhat over-amplified. I just hope that this era of music is able to shake the stigma of being kind of goofy because of the fashion back in the day.

I believe, this music is and will always remain strong in my opinion as long as it doesn’t get over-saturated like it did 20 years ago.


Rock ExpressDo you think that we could see new bands appear with the good and old style of 80´s and 90´s with the same formula that our idols used before?

Steve McClureWe’ve asked that question a lot and I think the overwhelming response has been “no”.  The 80s and early 90s were a time that I don’t think will ever be repeated musically.  It was a true “scene” that was not only about the music, but much, much more.  It’s going to be near impossible to repeat that formula.  However, I do think there are a few artists today that still carry the torch and are making great records, such as Slash and Steven Adler’s new band.

Kyle KrugerI’d have to disagree with Steve on this one. Although it will never replicate itself nor be as big as it was then, there are a slew of young bands carrying the torch today. Among these are Crash Diet, Gypsy Pistoleros, Lynam, Hinder, Damone, Dirty Penny and my favorite of the pack – Vains of Jenna.

Rock ExpressDo you remember of the documentary of glam rock of Sunset Strip called “Decline of the Western Civilization – The Metal Years”? Do you think to use something about it? Maybe searching by someone unknown of the documentary…

Steve McClure – Absolutely LOVE that movie.  We’ve already talked to Brent Muscat from Faster Pussycat, who was in “Decline.”  We’ve got a couple more surprises that might find their way into our movie, as well.

Kyle KrugerI could tell you but then I’d have to KEEL you. Let’s just say Decline has its influence on “Hair I Go Again “!


Rock ExpressWhich are the next steps for “Hair I Go Again”?

Steve McClureBegging and pleading for money so we can finish production!  If there are any rich people out there with money to burn, please contact us.

Kyle KrugerThe completion of this film is not a matter of “if”, it is only a matter of “when”. I believe someone will step up to the plate soon and provide the funds necessary to complete the film, until then we’re on our own dime.

Hopefully, in time for next year’s touring and festival season. I all depends on funding.



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