Cinderella at Monsters of Rock Cruise

DSC_1004The first night of Monsters of Rock Cruise was promising. On the stage of the luxurious theater I had the opportunity to see CINDERELLA live for the first time. The line outside the theater crossed the lounges of the ship, and it was clear they were one of the most expected bands of the Festival as they celebrated 25 years on the road.


The line just wasn’t any bigger because many fans chose do see Tesla playing at the time on the stage by the pool.


Final adjustments on the sound system caused the concert to begin almost one hour later than scheduled. Exactly when the boat left Fort Lauderdale, the audience got really excited to hear Luc Carl coming on stage to announce the band.


The crowd went crazy when they played the first notes of “Once Around the Ride” and Tom Kiefer’s voice echoed through the theater. It was impossible to hold back the euphoria.


Jeff LaBar (guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass) and Fred Courty (drums) were on stage and the band presented an impeccable set list.  Seeing the energy that Tom would put on every song was absolutely thrilling.


“Heartbreak Station” began with drummer Fred Courty coming to the front of the stage to sing the backing vocals for Tom during the intro played only with voice and acoustic guitar.


A minor problem with the sound of the keyboard in the beginning of “Don´t know what you got” would pass undetected (due the excitement of the crowd) if it weren’t for an annoyed Tom, who praises perfection on his performance. As a result he destroyed the keyboard with a kick. You can check it out on the next special episode of our WebTV program.


When the first part of the concert was over with “Gypsy Road” they came back to the encore with the fantastic “Long Cold Winter”. We could see all the feeling Tom Keifer put to his performance… thrilling!


Tom also played Saxophone to end the great presentation with “Shelter me”.


In an informal chat with Jeff LaBar in one of the lounges he confided that the concert wasn’t their best because they hadn’t played together for 5 months. He also told us that they don’t intend to record a new album. They just want to get together in the Summer and tour, nothing more than that. Definitely bad news for the fans who hoped for new songs to be released since Cinderella has only 4 studio albums in 25 years of career.


Their second concert was better than the first, as they showed better sync. Despite performing the same set list, this time there were no problems with the sound system. Even though he didn’t destroy the keyboard this time, Tom was annoyed by an air fan that almost made him trip. As a result he tore it to pieces.


In the end of the second show it was visible that Tom was exhausted! Two concerts to keep in the memory forever!


Set List

Once Around the Ride

Shake me

Heartbreak Station

Somebody Save me

Night Songs

More Things Change

Coming Home

Second Wind

Don´t Know What you Got (´till it´s gone)

Nobody´s Fool

Gypsy Road

Long Cold Winter

Shelter Me


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English version by Ju Gêbra Mota

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