Grave Digger – Exclusive interview with Chris Boltendahl

Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Boltendahl, singer and leader of the german band GRAVE DIGGER. He talks about the band’s new release, “Clash of the Gods”, his career, his painter and photographer side and more:


Rock Express – Hi Chris! It’s a pleasure to interview you. Congratulations for the “Home At Last” EP, both song and clip are amazing, with an epic chorus and a killer melody and performance! What can the fans expect from “Clash Of The Gods”, the new Grave Digger’s album which is being released in august 31st?
Chris Boltendahl – A perfect mixture of the vibes of the eighties and the ultimate sound of today. You’ll find all trademarks of the band combined with some unexpected material as well.


Rock Express – How was working with Axel Ritt (which joined the band in 2010) during writing and recording this new album?
Chris – He’s the right man at the right time in the right place. Our works are doing very well and it all fits like a glove.


Rock Express – You’re also a photographer and a painter. Which way do these activities contribute and influence your musician side?
Chris – It’s pretty close to my musical career, especially painting is very similar to the process of songwriting. It’s another part of my personality, by the way I got my first vernissage upcoming month in my hometown Cologne.


Rock Express – What is the secret to keep this power and strength for a over 30 years career? How do you care about your voice to keep it with such power for so long?
Chris – I stopped smoking and drinking 10 years ago and I became a vegetarian at the beginning of the year. Taking care of your body is the best way to take care of your voice.


Rock Express – How was the experience of celebrating the band’s 30th Anniversary with a concert in Wacken, with Hansi Küsch, Van Canto and Doro Pesch as special guests?
Chris – Indescribably, the most awesome show in the whole GRAVE DIGGER career. Doing a big party with friends on stage and almost 200000 fists in the air, imagine this feeling …


Rock Express – Grave Digger has played many times in Brazil. What are your best memories from here?
Chris – The warmhearted people, the beautiful beaches and one of the best fan areas in the world!


Rock Express – What place in the world would you like to play but you haven’t had the opportunity yet?
Chris – Australia


Rock Express – Do you have any expectations for a new South American tour including Brazil?
Chris – Yes, we’ll come back to Brazil, but at the moment it looks like that this will be together with some very special friends of us not before 2014.


Rock Express – Chris, thank you very much for this interview, please leave a message to all your fans that are reading it here on Rock Express.
Chris – Metal on and I hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows.

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