EPICA – Exclusive interview with Isaac Delahaye

The Dutch band Epica is about to land in Brazil to perform a sequence of concerts and ROCK EXPRESS got the opportunity to talk with the guitarist Isaac Delahaye. Check out the interview


By João Paulo de Matos Mota


Rock Express – Hi! It´s a pleasure to interview you! How is the new album “Requiem For The Indifferent” being received?

Isaac Delahaye – Great! Seems like everyone really likes the new album. We really put a lot of time and energy in this one, because we kinda felt the pressure to do better than “Design Your Universe”. That’s also why we concentrated a little more on the vocals and melodies, and adapted all the little details to them instead of the other way around. It makes this album really balanced. The new songs also work really well live, and of course that’s the most important thing.


Rock Express – Were there differences in the writing and recording process between the “Design Your Universe” and the Requiem?

Isaac – As I already mentioned, we focused more on the vocals this time. We really wanted them to stand out, to be catchy and recognizable. Requiem for the Indifferent is also a little darker than previous albums, but that’s because of the issues we’re covering. You can’t have a happy sounding song if you talk about the killing by Anders Breivik in Norway. The recording process was pretty much the same as always. We worked with Sascha Paeth and his team again.


Rock Express – The band comes from a big european tour and now you’re going to a true marathon of more than 40 concerts on South and North America! How is the relationship between the band members living together on the road for so long?

Isaac – If you tour as much as we do, you better be friends! On this Latin-American tour we are flying almost every day, so that’s really exhausting cause you have to get up really early most of the times. In North-America and Europe we tour with a tourbus, so that’s a little more relaxed though I always have difficulties to sleep in a moving bus. But we get along very well and we know when to give someone some privacy and when to party hard!


Rock Express – Being on the road for so long you must have some interesting or funny stories you’ve been through. Could you share one with us?

Isaac – One of my most awkward moments was when I was still playing in God Dethroned. We were on a European tour and we had to take a ferry boat to Denmark after having a wild night in Hamburg, Germany. So we went on the boat and I swiftly fell asleep. After a while I heard the captain say that we had to go back to our deck and that we’d be there in a minute. But I couldn’t find the tourbus anymore. So I walked out of the boat on foot, and then I saw a big sign “Welcome to Germany”. Then I realized I already had been in Denmark 2 hours ago! Anyhow, it took me a couple more hours to get to Denmark again. This was still the times when we didn’t have a cell phone, so the other guys were all worried, haha. Because of this huge delay we then had to speed up to Copenhagen where we had to play a show that night. When we finally arrived we heard that the show had been canceled because there had been an electricity malfunction. What a day!


Rock Express – Are you having the opportunity to play in places you’ve never been before? What are your expectations from these places?

Isaac – Yeah, we still try to go to places where we haven’t been yet. On this Latin-American run we play in Paraguay for the first time. When I’m somewhere for the first time I always try to take note of the people, how they behave, what their culture is like, how the buildings look like, which are the specialities of the country, etc. I mean, we’re still guests in someone’s country, so I treat everyone with respect.


Rock Express – Epica has played many times in Brazil. What are your best memories from the concerts around here?

Isaac – I’ll never forget the moment I went on stage in Sao Paulo for the first time: blinded by flash lights and deafened by thousands of crazy fans! That really was something overwhelming, and it obviously gave the band a lot of energy to play really well and with heart & soul. It’s always great to be back in Brazil, because you guys are simply the loudest crowd in the world.


Rock Express – You’ve been in Brazil in the end of the last year (november 2011) in a Mayan’s concert. That concert was marked as the Floor Jansen’s return on the stage since her absence due to medical problems. How was that moment for you?

Isaac – Actually we only heard about it just a couple of days before the show, because this was something the promotor and Floor had arranged without us knowing about it. Though it was something which came flying out of the sky, we of course were happy for Floor. She’s still recovering at the moment, but I’m sure that show and the love of the fans gave her a lot of energy.


Rock Express – Are there any plans for the next album?

Isaac – There always are plans! :) Me and Mark already started writing a lot of songs, but we have to wait until we’re back from tour to go on with it. What we have so far sounds really promising, so I’m pretty confident that we once again can record an album with a high standard. This one might go back to the Epica roots a little.

Other than that we will announce something very big tomorrow, so I can’t say anything about it yet. But by the time you get to read this, it’ll be allover our websites, so feel free to include this information in this interview! [E.N.: The band published in their official website a unique show to celebrate their 10th anniversary at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, NL. The concert happens in march 23th, 2013 with The Classical Conspiracy orchestra as a special guest.]



Rock Express – Thank you very much for this interview guys, please leave a message to all your fans that are reading it here on Rock Express and are begging for the next Epica’s concert in their city!

Isaac – My pleasure. To all our beloved Brazilian fans: I really hope to see you all shaking your asses on one of our shows at the end of this month. We are totally ready to have a big party and to bang our heads together with you. And I’m also looking forward to your great meat restaurants and wine 😉 Anyway, take care and see you all soon!


For further information about the Brazil´s concerts happening in september, check the following links:

São Paulo – September 28th

Rio de Janeiro – September 29th

Porto Alegre – September 30th

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