Epica at São Paulo – LIVE September 28th

The cold Friday night got much warmer inside Via Funchal as a big audience gathered to see the Dutch band Epica. They always attract a legion of loyal fans mostly drawn by the charisma of lead singer Simone Simons.


By Edu Lawless
English version by Ju Gêbra Mota


Just as scheduled, Epica got on stage at 9:30pm under a gloomy theme. By the time they started playing “Karma” flames took over the stage on a pyrotechnical show.


Simone Simons presented impeccable vocals, what could also be said of Mark Jansen’s excellent gutturals. Ms. Simons was very charismatic as she even spoke some words in Portuguese. She was given many gifts.


For the song “Quietus”, the band would choose the fan that could better headbang. A girl was then selected and she could hear and enjoy the entire song from the stage.


After the first part ended Coen Jansen (keyboard) came back on the stage and asked for a minute of silence to honor the deceased Simon Oberender, a sound engineer from Gate Studio who was considered a member of Epica’s family.


The band then, started the encore with “Delirium” followed by “Blank Infinity” and closing the night with “Consign Oblivion”.



DSC_03651. Karma 

2. Monopoly on Truth 

3. Sensorium 

4. Unleashed 

5. Martyr of the Free Word 

6. Serenade of Self-Destruction 

7. Cry for the Moon 

8. Storm the Sorrow 

9. The Obsessive Devotion 

10. Sancta Terra 

11. Quietus 

12. The Phantom Agony 

13. Delirium 

14. Blank Infinity 

15. Consign to Oblivion


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