Metal Girls Regulations

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After the great success in two years of Metal Girls Contest and Metal Girls Calendars, we start the new rounds of contest, where the candidates to Metal Girls cast!

Check out the rules and enrollment form bellow and come make part of our cast!



How to Take Part:


The girls who intend to be part of Metal Girls contest must e-mail 5 or more pictures to Rock Express ( These photos do not have to necessarily follow the suggested style, but we reinforce the need of characteristics of Rock, Metal, Gothic, Hard, Glam, any Rock-related them or alternative visual style.


Participants must be over 18 years old. They must agree with and authorize their part in the contest by filling the form bellow completely.


Participants aged 17 to turn 18 in 2015 may also enter the competition, though they will need to be authorized by their parents or legal custodians. In this case, besides all the documents above they also need to send by mail the copies of documents of the girl and her parents.


Inappropriate or vulgar photos will not be taken in account.


There are no restrictions to city, state or country. Former candidates may enroll again to Metal Girls however a new set of photos is required. Any candidate of previous rounds is eligible for a new try after 4 rounds and providing a new set of photos each time.





The number of rounds on Metal Girls will be established though the contest, and they may vary depending on the schedule for each round.


Voting will be available for a minimum of 20 and maximum of 30 days, and the day and time the voting is over will not be revealed to avoid excessive voting on the final days.





The winner of each round will receive from our sponsor Sweet Sam an exclusive item of clothing, custom made to style of the winner. The choice of the item is of our sponsor’s choice, following the Rock / Metal fashion style. This specific item will be part of Metal Girls Clothing Colection released each three mouths.


Besides that prize, the winner will also be part of Rock Express Metal Girls Cast and is automatically chosen to be part of 2015 Metal Girls Calendar (*).

(*) Read more about the Calendar below



Photo Shoot and Commitment:


The winners of the rounds of Metal Girls must provide a photo shoot wearing the exclusive item of clothing given by our sponsor.


Girls from São Paulo region (Brazil) and vicinities may have their photo shoots produced by Rock Express, WITHOUT financial involvement. Details of this photo shoot will be decided in another agreement.

NOTE – The only photographer who responds for Rock Express relating to Metal Girls is Edu “Lawless” Archanjo – Editor-in-chief e and Photographer of the site. No other photographer is authorized to represent the site when it comes to the contests Metal Girls, Metal PinUp Girls, Metal Fetish Girls.
Photographers with credential to events and concerts do not represent Rock Express for the contest of Metal Girls, Metal PinUp Girls, Metal Fetish Girls.


Girls from other parts of Brazil or other countries must provide their photo shoot presenting good quality material. Shoots made by other photographers must have at least 20 photos, from which 5 to 10 photos will be selected and published on ROCK EXPRESS website, they will all bring METAL GIRLS logo, the sponsors logo as well as the photographer’s watermark should (s)he have one. These photo shoots will not be refunded by ROCK EXPRESS.


The photos from this specific photo shoot cannot be shown or published elsewhere prior to the official launching of the Calendar or authorized by Rock Express / Metal Girls website.

The photo shoots must respect the time scheduled by the site in order to grant the winner her chance to be part of ROCK EXPRESS girl of the month.


The photo which is chosen to be on ROCK EXPRESS calendar MUSTN’T be published or shown anywhere. Some similar photos nominated by ROCK EXPRESS may have to follow the same rules.


Special cases may be treated individually and will represent “exception“.


For each round, the candidates and winners must authorize the use and exposure of her image through complete filling of the form below, under conception of Metal Girls brand, with the aggre of these contest terms and regulations.

Note 1 – Calendar

The 2015 Calendar with the contest winners must be released only virtually, and will be available monthly by the web and others apps (under study). This virtual calendar figure out only winners of Metal Girls 2014 session.
If will be release a physical calendar by a sponsor brand, all girls who are part of our cast will receive a invitation to figure it (including the past years sessions). The physical calendar could be a specific theme and each Metal Girl could decide make part of it or not.


Metal Girls - Formulário de Participação

Fields marked with a * are required