Metal Girls 2013 Edition

Rock Express continues the huge success of Metal Girls Casting bringing for 2013 the proposal of Fetish as main theme for our 2014 Calendar.


Facing the style of our new sponsor, the Metal Fetish Girls  proposal promises be more better in this new session. Check it out month by month the photo shoots of the winners.



1st Round – Samira Carvalho (Brazil)



2nd Round – Akasha Lincourt (Brazil)



3rd Round – Tiffany Hartman (USA)



4th Round – Amanda Yukari (Brazil)



5th Round – Gabriela Borges (Brazil)



6th Round – Bianca Hulmann (Brazil)

Bianca Hulmann


7th Round – Louise Minski (Brazil)

Louise Minski


8th Round – Fernanda Terra (Brazil)

Fernanda Terra


9th round – Rafaela RedBass (Brasil)

Rafaela RedBass